We don't click bones
or rub muscles.

We treat problems.

Are you living with chronic pain? Tried everything?

When we have pain, the activities we used to take for granted become a chore. Pain slows us down, makes us tired and can even make getting out of bed hard. We avoid doing things we used to love, like playing sport or going for a walk, a little bit of gardening or a Sunday morning sleep in. It’s very common for people to have pain like this long term and try many different treatments with little success.

Chiropractic care with a difference.

At Edwards Spine and Sport we provide chiropractic care for the people who have tried everything to relieve their pain. Unlike other care providers our chiropractors don’t click bones or rub muscles. Instead, we treat it by breaking down joint and muscle adhesions using non-invasive, hands-on techniques.

Find out more about our Chiropractors, our practice and our treatment methods by having a read through our site. Our blog is full of handy info and exercises to keep you strong and pain free and if you’ve never seen a chiropractor before we walk you through what your first appointment will be like.

How can we help you?

If you've tried chiropractic treatments or physiotherapy before without success - or if you’re unhappy with long-term chronic pain - rethink the strategy and make a change. Get in touch or make an online booking.

If you’re not sure where to start, give our office a call on 6161 0242 for a one-on-one chat, send us an email or book a consultation online.

We look forward to getting you back to better.

Phone: (08) 6161 0242
Email: info@edwardsspinesport.com

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