Running From Injury

This is a bit of a selfish rant because I am sick of saying this every day in practice. If you want to run injury free, you have to be strong enough to run. And no, just going for a run will not make you strong enough.

I get it, I’ve been there myself. You have just hit a milestone age and decided that a marathon (half or full) or an Ironman (again half or full) is something you must do before you turn another year older. Never mind the fact your day job means you sit on your ass in front of a computer, you are badly deconditioned and the most you have run lately is maybe once around Lake Monger.

It always seems to start well too. The first few weeks there are some aches and pains from exercising again, but the buzz you get by getting out there out weighs the stiff legs. Then you start to crank up the k’s and something pings, calf, knee ITB, hamstring, whatever.

So how do you stop this from happening? You have to be strong enough to run the distances you want to run. How strong are your hamstrings and calves? When it comes to moving you forward quickly, these are two of the most important muscle groups. So can you do 20 calf raises on one foot all the way up (you can hold onto a wall for balance) and can you do 20 single leg hip lifts (Hip Lift Exercise)? Both of these exercises should be simple, you are only moving your body weight, much like when you run.

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