3 Steps To Avoid Christmas Injuries

Christmas is a time for doing things you haven’t done in a while, getting out into the garden, cleaning the house for the arrival of all those relatives and playing with the kid’s new toys. What you need to remember is if you spend most of your time sitting at a desk then you might not actually get away with it. At this time of year chiro and physio offices are filled with people that have over done it. Nothing will ruin your break more than not being able to stand up straight.

So here are some simple tips to help you avoid a nasty holiday surprise.

Start slow and warm up!

Treat playing with the kids and your chores like you would a sports game. You wouldn’t dream of running out on the court without warming up a little, so do it before you decide to go heavy in the garden or throw the kids around the backyard.

Don’t try doing it all at once!

You’ve been sitting in front of a desk all year, what makes you think you are going to cope with trying to do everything at once? Don’t rush, move deliberately and take breaks, this will save you more that will save a lot more time than trying to visit the chiro (heck we’re not even open)!

Focus on getting yourself strong again.

It’s a little late to do this for this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself right for next year. There are a number of simple little things you can do help reduce your chance of injury. Take a look at the exercise page on our website.

If you need or want help, book in with us online and we can organize a way to get you moving again.

Have a merry Christmas.

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