Month: March 2018

Good Morning

 The Good Morning Squat is considered more of a backwards and forwards exercise, rather than an up and down exercise. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and a little away from the wall. Poke your bum backwards until you can just touch the wall without losing balance. What you should feel is a […]

Hip Lift

The hip lift is done laying on the ground with your feet up on a hard surface, and your knees and hips at 90 degrees. What you’re going to do is push your heels hard into the chair to pick your bum up off the ground about four inches, or the height of your fist. […]

Chin Retraction

On your hands and knees with your face parallel to the floor, you lower your head down, keeping your face parallel to the floor. You then roll your head forwards touching your chin to your chest. Keeping your chin tucked in. You then try and bring your head back up so that your face is […]

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